Family of God is a non-profit Lutheran ministry committed to bringing the transformative power of the Gospel to the lives of those living in Southwest, Detroit. We strive to bring hope to the hopeless by showing our community the love and compassion that our Savior Jesus Christ has for everyone.

After Action Review

Every Monday, Pastor Tyler reviews the previous Sunday's lesson in case you missed it! You can find the rest of the videos here

Episode 64 - The German (American) Church Struggle

Hear Pastor Jim and Pastor Tyler's thoughts in their podcast! Listen on most major podcast platforms.

November 14 -Why Church?


Sundays: Worship at 3:00pm, Meal at 4:00pm

Mondays: Meal at 6:00pm, Bible Study at 7:00pm

Tuesdays: Meal at 6:00pm, Bible Study at 7:00pm

(men and women have seperate Bible studies)

Wednesdays: Meal at 6:00pm, Worship at 7:00pm

Thursdays: Meal at 6:00pm                                        

Fridays: Meal at 6:00pm, N/A Meeting at 7:00pm

Saturdays: CLOSED                                                  

*Clinics are held on the first and third Thursday of every month.