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The Golden Question

At Family of God, all the effort we make is focused on bringing people to ask what we call “The Golden Question.” It’s the third step in our ministry dynamic behind compassion and service. “The Golden Question” is the moment when those who have been covered in compassion and service ask “Why are you doing this?” Experience has taught us that this is a Holy Spirit moment when the questioner sincerely is prepared to accept our answer.

Very recently Amanda Becker, CUAA Family Life graduate and heading up our plans to begin a mentoring program, had a group of junior high aged kids in a Bible class. The question came up and some of the young people volunteered that our staff came down every day to make them just like us. Amanda led the discussion in the right direction pointing out that we were demonstrating to them the love of Christ so that they too might come to know Him. Armed with John 3:16, she led them to the reality of the Father’s love and the Son’s sacrifice, all for the sake of them. More questions were asked concerning the length and breadth and depth of God’s forgiveness. Finally, Anthony asked, “How can I know I am going to heaven?” As Amanda explained that he must believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that He died so that his sins might be forgiven.

Leaning back in his chair Anthony smiled and said, “I’m Gucci!” As this story was related to me, like most of you, I had to ask what on earth that meant. “Gucci” is slang for being awesome, good or cool. You might even stretch the meaning to “I’m golden”, a most appropriate answer to the “Golden Question.”

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