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FOG's First Street Ministry Outing

Last Saturday, January 18th, most of us woke up to 3"- 6” of snow. I know it took my son-in-law and I three hours to dig out at my house. I imagine you might have had similar experiences. As things happened, that same day was the inaugural run of the mobile compassion ministry at Family of God. Things did not go exactly as planned but the team adjusted and prevailed over the weather.

The first wrinkle was the team members charged with bringing the food turned back for home because of the road conditions. Others rallied in the Family of God kitchen and pulled together meals. The volunteer, Terry from Our Shepherd Birmingham, furthest from SW Detroit made it! Dedication! We thank God for his safety and the safety of the other volunteers.

Altogether six volunteers under Deacon Tim LeClair’s leadership departed to visit Patton Park where homeless camp out. The hope is to make connections with people and be able to share Jesus with them while helping provide some daily needs. It’s interesting that the four local volunteers from Family of God have been or are currently homeless themselves. Our four-step ministry plan of compassion, service, witness, culminating in koinonia (fellowship) that brings the Family of God people to the point of offering compassion, service and witness to others.

This outing validated that process as we saw our own 'members' giving compassion,

service, and witness to others. Sweatpants, blankets, boots, gloves, coffee and gloves were distributed among 26 people visited that morning. Some were huddled in the park; others were standing around gas stations and similar sites. The team continued until their supplies were exhausted. Just as important, prayer and conversation with the homeless went well. This illustrated the full participation of the team members, whether staff, volunteer or member.

All in all, an excellent first outing especially with the scrambling required by the snow. We look forward to seeing what God will do with these connections and how He will use us to bless the people of Southwest Detroit and how we will be blessed by them.

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