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Report from our Director of Development

Over the last 3 months Amanda has been working to assess areas of development, create strategic plans, and implement a variety of programs, projects, and processes at Family of God. Most recently, she has been concentrating on planning and organizing our Summer Field Trip program for our kids. Some of the other big projects she has been working on are updates for our basement, kitchen, and website. Amanda is excited about the opportunities she’s had over the last 3 months to meet with a variety of other urban ministries and non profits such as the Christian Community Development Association in Detroit, the Ann Arbor Community Action Network, and Good News Gang in Detroit. Conversations with these organizations have lended themselves to development work at Family of God especially in the area of youth programming. We continue to be excited about our capacity to develop with this new role of a Director of Development and we are excited about what God has in store for Family of God in the future.

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